Anything Goes-VHS performance

Huge kudos to the Virginia High School cast and crew for the recent performance of the musical “Anything Goes”. A job very well done! Thank you for entertaining our community. Your excitement and enthusiasm was very evident during the performance.

OSLC participants were Dylan Maronick-Alberts, Reilly Green, Lucas King, Steven Simensen, Brooke Pontinen, Rickey Sipila, Sam Saari.

Pianist – Kris Weikum

Set Construction – Pete Pellinen and Tom Witty

Lighting and Sound – Summer Toole

Makeup – Jacey Monticello

Ticket Booth – Jill Westerbur

Steven Simensen, Reilly Green, Kris Wiekum-pianist, Brooke Pontinen, Lucas KingPictured: Steven Simensen, Reilly Green,

Kris Weikum, Brooke Pontinen, Lucas