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August 10, 2013

80 Acres of Land Gifted to VLM

The Board of Directors and staff are pleased to announce that a donation of property in Anoka County, Minnesota has been gifted to Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry (VLM).

Formerly used as hunting land, the property is adjacent to the 23,000 acre Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area.  The anonymous donor of the 80-acre property hopes that the gift will be used to “get more kids outside” and to help “build-up people”.

This gift is a blessing to the VLM community and to its mission.  What a testament to the ministry that is happening at Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion.  It is exciting to think about the possibilities.

It has not been determined by the VLM Board what the future of the unrestricted gift will be (property sale or development), however the timing of the gift is ideal as VLM is using this summer as a time of visioning and strategic planning.


What a blessing and a gift!

Remember: We’ve Moved!


We just wanted to remind you that the Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry office moved out to Camp Vermilion last fall. Be sure to update your records! Our new address is: Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry, 2555 Vermilion Camp Road, Cook, MN 55723. We will continue to receive mail at the post office box for a while, but the above address is best.

We’ve had a few snags with the mail forwarding, so if you sent something in the mail to us between May 9-13, please call us at 800-331-5148 if you’re not sure we received what you sent. Thank you!

Bring on the campers!
Well, not quite, but we had very productive Work Days at Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion. Thank you to everyone who helped out! There are still some projects to be done, so if you can lend a hand, call the VLM Office at 800-331-5148 or email VLM  to see when you can come out and how you might help. See pictures from Work Day.
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Be Watching for a Video Update

So many people have been asking great questions about how things are going at camp and how the motions passed at the Annual Meeting (see page 3 of this link) are being carried out. Instead of trying to type an incredible amount of information here, we decided we will make a video to answer some FAQs. We will email you the video when it’s ready. Have a question you want us to address? Email it to Marie.

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Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry provides opportunities for Christ-centered spiritual growth, leadership development, and outreach in God’s great northwoods.