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Blessed to be a Blessing!

cross and blessings bannerWe at Our Savior’s are Blessed with many Blessings, so we have chosen this theme for our Stewardship emphasis this year.  God says we need to be a Blessing to others. What is involved in being a Blessing to others? We are to extend his Blessings to the people around us, the people we encounter each day, as we do our everyday activities. We can do this by serving the needs of people, whether physical or emotional support, financial help or practical advice. God promises that if we will bless others He’ll take care of our needs. The more we bless other people, the more God blesses our life.

Based on the blessings of your life, what would you say God expects from you? What are the needs around you, for which you can use your gifts to be a Blessing to others?

As Christians our true Blessing is to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life.

Please think about the Blessings God has given you and how God expects you to help others.

In preparation for commitment Sunday November 2, 2014, please prayerfully consider the needs of the people around you and the ministries of our congregation as you reflect on how you can be a Blessing by using your gifts to help others in the coming year.

God Bless each of you,

The Stewardship Committee