Too Many Shepherds!

collageOn Sunday kids from age 3 to grade 12 (and some very patient adult volunteers!) gathered to share a new take on the Christmas story in a play called “Too Many Shepherds”.

As the cast of shepherds got bigger and bigger, Tucker, our narrator, grew increasingly exasperated and exclaimed, “But we need Mary and Joseph. We’ve got to tell the part about the manger and the swaddling clothes. Look at you all. There’s no Mary, there’s no Joseph, there’s no angels or inkeepers. But the real problem is there’s just too many shepherds!”

But as the shepherds pointed out, “More than just looking good, we’ve got a very important part in this story…..” “What better role could there be than one who gets to glorify and praise God?” “Yeah! The shepherds believed the angel’s message and went right away to see where Jesus had been born.”

“There can never be too many shepherds.” “In fact, everyone here is a shepherd.” “All of use have heard the Good News of Jesus’ birth.” “And all of us can respond by glorifying and praising god.”  “And all of us can tell others the story.”

“It’s a big responsibility. You know, come to think of it, we need even more shepherds!”

A giant thank you to our volunteers Carolyn, Phyllis, and Tracie for leading us in music and for helping us channel our great energy and excitement into the production. We also thank Tucker, our narrator, and Nicole, our soloist, for taking on such important vocal roles and sharing your talents with us. Thank you to Steve, Brenda, and the 8th grade confirmation boys for helping with the sound and microphones, and to all of our musicians who shared prelude and offertory music with us: Marian, Ayla, Ava, Alec, Gavin, Taia, Tucker, and Rickey. We also thank all the parents and families who helped kids memorize parts, gather costumes, and share their love and support.  And finally, we thank the amazing kids who shared their gifts and energy with our whole congregation! What a wonderful play!