Don’t say NO until you KNOW

Sunday, March 15; 2-5 pm
Our Savior’s Lutheran, Virginia
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Bishop Patricia Lull from Saint Paul Area Synod will give a keynote presentation on Discipleship Today, then we will move into several practical workshop options that are intended for anyone in your congregation!  There is no charge and of course coffee and refreshments will be served.

  • How to be an effective Council President and Council Member in your congregation – Brenda Wagner, Synod Vice President
    “We rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces endurance; endurance produces character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4 Are your council meetings an exercise in suffering and endurance? How do you deal with talkers, gawkers, and balkers? This workshop will look at some of the keys to effective meetings, tips for council presidents and council members, and steps to re-frame your meeting time as a time of intentional and joyful ministry.
  •  Financial Nuts & Bolts – Kathy Wimer
    This workshop is for treasurers, financial secretaries, money handlers, both new and experienced, to help you in your work. Expect helpful resources, tips and important information about the financial work and record keeping you do. Bring your questions and receive answers. Money matters.
  • Resources for Synod Communicators – Marilyn Hull
    How well does your congregation communicate, both internally and with those you want to welcome in? Does a paper newsletter still work best or is it time to go paperless? What about Sunday bulletins vs. projection? Does your congregation use Facebook? Twitter? Other Social Media? Come discuss what we do in our congregations and why.
  • Dealing with Conflict in Congregations -Pastor Vicki Taylor
    Does your congregation seem to be in perpetual
    crisis? Is your focus on making everybody happy…or unhappy? Where two or three are gathered…there are differences of opinion/worldview (and Jesus is there). Our time together will help leaders identify potential points of conflict in their own congregation and how to begin a respectful dialogue to address concerns. 
  • Discipleship Today – Bishop Patricia Lull (Saint Paul Area Synod)
  • Working with Congregational Constitutions and Bylaws
    Pastor Rollie Bockbrader, Synod Secretary
    Question:  “Why do we need our constitution and bylaws and keep it updated?”
    Answer:  “Your congregation’s constitution and bylaws provide governance tools for your congregation; they are required by Minnesota state law; but more importantly, they help your congregation to do the work and ministry in your community and around the world!  Constitutions and bylaws are mission documents!” 
  • Bible 101 for Lutherans – Bishop Tom Aitken
    How do Lutherans read and interpret Scripture? What is our understanding of why Scripture is written, what is the heart and core of the Bible for us, how do we use Scripture in ethical discussions and how do we use passages to strengthen faith and witness?
  • Intentional Mission Planners – Pastor John Dietz
    Who are we and what are we called to do? This intentional mission planning workshop will help leaders dig into the work of creating a mission action plan that will work in your congregation. We will explore the biblical foundations of evangelical mission along with resources participants can take home to generate interest in the process of developing or redeveloping an action plan.