Welcome Pastor David!

pastor davidDear Members and Friends of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church,

It is my great privilege and pleasure to be with you, a co-worker in Christ, during these few months during this “bridge” time in the life of the congregation. With the fine work you have completed during the year of interim ministry with Pastor Loren, you are now prepared to launch into the call process. Meanwhile, your many and various lay-led ministries are equipped and commissioned to carry out the ongoing vital ministry of the congregation, including education for various ages, homebound and hospital visitation, and service in the community.

As “bridge” pastor, I will be with you almost every Sunday through November (unless you have a new pastor in place before then). In addition, every Wednesday will see me poking my nose around the hallways, meeting with staff and the executive committee, helping to teach confirmation, leading worship, checking out the goodies the quilters have brought, as well as basking in the glorious music coming from the choir loft at the end of the evening. In addition, I will meet with the church council each month.

This particular time in the life of Our Savior’s is highly charged in a very positive way. I sensed it meeting with the executive committee and the staff, and I felt it during the special worship, “The Music of Forgiveness,” held at Our Savior’s August 19. You are excited about your ministry, individually and collectively, and there is great anticipation about your future! Perhaps a potential and unintended consequence of this “bridge” time might be a tendency to look to me to assume the responsibility of your ministry, which could result in a cooling of your white hot energy and expectation, a relaxing of your sense of urgency about your ministry.

I was deeply touched during “The Music of Forgiveness” worship at Our Savior’s when there was an opportunity for individual prayer at four stations in the sanctuary. Two adults and a confirmation youth laid hands on me while one of them prayed aloud for the issue I had brought to them to be lifted to our Lord. I was blessed by your ministry of intercession. I expect I will continue to be blessed in your midst during these few months together.

In Christ,

Pastor David Tryggestad