school kits

Donations needed for LWR School Kits!

school kits completeIt’s time to gather supplies for Lutheran World Relief School Kits! Please help us scour the back to school sales to find these items (or donate money and let Diane do the scouring!) and join us after church Sunday, Sept. 25 as we work together to assemble the kits!

• 4 70-sheet notebooks of wide- or college-ruled paper, approximately 8” x 10⅟2” (no loose leaf paper)
• 1 30-Centimeter ruler or a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other
• 1 pencil sharpener
• 1 pair of blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well)
• 5 unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers (secure together with a rubber band)
• 5 black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink, secure together with a rubber band)
• 1 box of 16 or 24 crayons, 1 2⅟2” eraser
• 1 sturdy drawstring backpack-style cloth bag (approximately 14” x 17” with shoulder straps- no standard backpacks)

Donations may be dropped off in the church narthex anytime before Sept. 25. We already have 100 backpacks ready to be filled! We need your help to reach our goal!

More information can be found at: