OSLC Core Values

Core Values – Compassion

Our new Church Council gathered recently for an excellent all-day retreat. One of the results of the retreat was that we developed five core values around which everything we do, everything we are, everything revolves. In the next several newsletters, I will write a brief reflection on each of the five core values.

Compassion is one of our core values. At its heart, compassion is about kindness, care, mercy, and invitation. Compassion is the answer we give as a congregation when people wonder why in the world we’re doing things that seem altogether counter-cultural. Because it is rooted in the power of transformational love, compassion is radical. Compassion, writes Frank Rogers, Jr., is the heartbeat of humanity. (Frank Rogers Jr., Practicing Compassion, p. 9)

Compassion is humanity’s heartbeat.

Here’s a question I’d like you to reflect upon in these next weeks: How is our heart? How are we generous, loving, caring, and inviting others into the pool of God’s mercy? In what ways could our heart yet grow?

Pastor Lutter