jan 15

Core Values – Relationships

OSLC Core ValuesWhen Jesus comes into your life, a friend of mine is fond of saying, he brings others with him – and you do not get to decide on the guest list. I look down the hall toward our West Wing, where we host and welcome people from all walks of life, whose stories are broken and troubled and full of grace, who have something to teach us. I think about the people whose grief brings them to our sanctuary and fellowship hall, where, for a moment, we provide solace and sustenance. I see our tables and chairs, where room allows people to build, strengthen, and renew connections with one another – and with God. I watch cars turn into our parking lot so they can come in our doors and speak to someone who can be of help. I see people walking, people with whom we are called to walk, with whom to listen. Relationships are a core value of ours. In and through them, Jesus is with us.

Pastor Lutter