OSLC Core Values

Core Values—Love

Love never ends, Paul writes to the Corinthians, but I wonder if we understand the radical reason for it, and how it shapes our life together as a congregation. Paul’s eyes are focused on the horizon, at the end, when Jesus comes again. In view of that, faith will become sight, hope will be realized, so both things are fulfilled. The very last thing – our very ground for faith and hope – is a love that keeps giving and giving and giving. This love has a name: Jesus Christ, who is coming, his arms full of forgiveness and mercy and healing to share with the whole entire world – including us.

Now, if we know that this unconditional love is given to us, is for you, it may change how we are in the world. Our hands and lives are outstretched, but not to receive from the world. Rather, in love, we reach out to share God’s unbelievable care with a world that is hurting, broken, and in need. Love never ends. – Pastor Lutter