Mission of the Month – LSS

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is committed to the vision that all people have the opportunity to live and work in community with dignity, safety and hope. This vision guides our efforts in support of every Minnesota neighbor. LSS helps Minnesotans by providing a wide range of human support services related to the basic necessities of life – food and shelter, physical health and safety, and emotional and spiritual well being.  For a full list of services offered through LSS visit

LSS also partners with churches and supports congregations and their ministry through services to members, social ministry service opportunities, and advocacy. Through LSS services, church and community members have access to a wide variety of services to support their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. LSS also offers congregations opportunities to serve in meaningful ways that change lives, and LSS supports and engages congregations and their membership in social justice causes to support vulnerable people in our communities.

Each month our congregation’s benevolence supports this vital ministry. To make additional contributions, to seek services, or to volunteer, visit