Quilting Ministry Seeks New Volunteers

Lutheran World Relief has sent out approximately 534,000 quilts to 16 different countries. And when hurricanes hit close to home, the quilts made here are also delivered to the victims.

What does this mean for the Quilters of OSLC? On average, the Quilting Group makes 350 quilts a year!  Fun Facts:

350 quilts = a little over 2 miles of fabric

350 quilts = AT LEAST 875 hours of work

350 children a year will benefit from the many uses of these quilts; they become baby carriers, bedding material, floor coverings, tent guards for malaria stricken areas, even clothing articles.

We thank you for your dedication, ladies, and also, we thank  those who donate the needed items to make this ministry possible. All of this is done over coffee & fellowship, and anyone can get involved! LWR even helps connect the quilting ministry to the kids of the congregation with  summer camp projects, etc.  If you would like to join this ministry, on a regular basis, or when you have free time to do so, we meet in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesdays, 8 am to noon, we would love to have you!