“Raise Up” Mark 1:29-39

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I want to share an insight from last Sunday’s Gospel reading.  We read Mark 1:29-39. It is a wonderful story describing how Jesus visited Peter’s mother-in-law who was seriously ill with a fever. Mark tells us that Jesus took her by the hand and lifter her up. After her healing, Peter’s mother-in-law served others. I think it is very interesting that the word that the translated phrase “lifted her up” (NRSV) is the Greek word meaning “raised” The word to “raise up” is used by Mark in other healing stories from his gospel:  1:31, 2:9, 2:11, 3:3, 5:419:27. In essence, the healing of Peter’s mother in law is the first resurrection story in Mark’s gospel.

In my sermon last Sunday, I encouraged people to expand their understanding of “resurrection.” We tend to just use that word to describe Jesus on Easter morning. Can we also think of resurrection happening in our everyday lives? Perhaps when people experience healing and feel repaired in matters of physical health or when broken relationships are restored and reconnected. I think so. In fact, I think we see resurrection happening in our lives and neighborhoods every day. I encourage you to follow Peter’s mother-in-law’s example and respond to God’s gift of resurrection with loving service to others. I would love to hear your stories of resurrection and hope and service.

Faithfully yours~ Pastor Erik