Cam Import July 2015 212

with love and gratitude…

Dear people of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church,

After four years in ministry together, it is profiletime for me to take the next steps of my vocation and faith journey. In our time together you have welcomed me, empowered me, supported me, and loved me. You have helped me grow in confidence and invited me to use God’s gifts in creative and meaningful ways. In this congregation I found hardworking people who care passionately about their community, who are proud of their legacy of lifelong learning, and who live with incredible generosity and compassion. I am grateful for everyone in this congregation and the many ways you have taught me what it means to be a church.

My greatest joy at Our Savior’s has been walking alongside the young people of our congregation and community. Your curious, open hearts inspire me every week. You have shared with me the challenges and joys of growing up today, in a world already so different than the world I grew up in just 15 years ago. And yet, to each heart-wrenching tragedy and frustrating setback, you respond with grace and love. You support one another with compassion and you celebrate diversity. You live your faith in concrete ways and act as beacons of light in your own circles. I treasure every conversation and meal and journey together. May you continue to shine with the light of Christ already inside you, serving our community and world as God calls you.

I believe that with additional education I can better serve my church and world, that my church needs me to do so, and that God is calling me to do so. In August I will begin life as a full-time seminary student at United Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia with the intention to become an ordained pastor. Sunday, July 29th will be my last day at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. I will forever be connected to Our Savior’s, as this was the congregation from which I was called, and the people of this community will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you for welcoming me and walking with me.

with love and gratitude,

Meagan Esterby

Director of Youth & Family Ministry