Youth Announcements – Autumn is Here!

Happy November OSLC!

I want to start off by thanking everyone again for going above and beyond in welcoming me to our church! After a very wet start to Autumn, I’m actually looking forward to some drier weather in winter, but I hear I may be the only person who thinks that way!

I have had an incredible amount of fun learning and meeting our youth over the past two months, and I’m excited to start new events with them this month! Sunday school will begin with practice for the Christmas program on Nov. 2nd. December 9th will be our program in which we will provide the message for the service as well as praying for the Congregation in  a variety of ways. The program will include songs and a skit! I am hoping to have as many children as possible partake in the joy of this event, as well as any parent volunteers who  want to be apart in some way, shape, or form! Again, we have Sunday School from 10:45-  11:30 every Sunday, with a variety of ways to worship God! I have had an amazing time                  so far with the children who have shown up, and I’m excited to meet any new faces!

Our older youth are in full swing of Confirmation classes in which we are strengthening our faith through fellowship. We are taking on the complex subject areas of Law and Gospel,  The Reformation, as well as getting to know each other as we learn! We have had the opportunity to serve our community through Trunk or Treat, and we celebrated our  fellowship during a retreat at Camp Vermillion! I am excited to continue making connections with our youth, especially through our Middle School Gathering on Nov. 17th and 18th. We        will be going as a Confirmation group and meeting up with dozens of other Congregations  while we are there! We also have a spiral worship service on Nov. 28th, in which all are   invited to attend!

I look forward to what November brings!


*Confirmation classes will start meeting at OSLC in December on Wednesdays at 6:30pm as usual!