thank you (2)

A Big Thank You!


Our Used A Bit Sale was quite a success!

Thank you to all who donated, worked, and bought “stuff.” An incredible amount of stuff showed up and it was almost overwhelming to go through all of it. But thanks be to God, we all pulled together and a group of over 36 people showed up to price, move and organize the merchandise. It was quite a task! Not only that, but our customers from the greater community thanked us for the quality and quantity of items they were able to purchase. This was a great service to all involved. The money raised will help OSLC ministries.

Rally Sunday:

Thank you to all involved for making it a wonderful “welcome back” for the school year. We blessed our children returning, their backpacks and children’s ministry leaders and teachers. Milestone Bibles were also given to all 3 year-olds, and 3rd & 6th grade students – a special Thank You to WELCA members for purchasing those Bibles! We hope this starts off the year with strong participation in all our ministries, youth, children and adult, and brings another year of blessings in fellowship together.