Our Savior’s is committed to “Reaching to Serve.” This means not only addressing the needs of its members and neighbors, but also being active in the church throughout the world.

VLM : Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry @ Camp Vermilion in Cook (800-331-5148) and Camp Hiawatha in Deer River (218-246-8604).

Mission Jamaica

Teller Brevig Mission of Alaska

NE Minnesota Synod Mission Partners:  Duluth office 218-724-4424).

Clothing & “Stuff” Sale

Local Nursing Home On-Site Worship:  @ St. Michael’s of Virginia and St. Raphael’s of Eveleth.

Food Shelf Support: Salvation Army of Virginia, and Quad City Food Shelf of Gilbert.

Lutheran Social Services: We have regular fundraising events that support the work LSS is doing on the Range, and we also give to the Center For Changing Lives in Duluth when certain needs arise, like items for the apartments for homeless youth & young adults. LSS has various arms that serve the local community, such as a youth shelter, child visitation and exchange center. LSS in Virginia can be reached at 218-741-3343 for these services.   For information concerning other services LSS helps with, such as Senior LinkAge Line services, call 1.800.333.2433 or dial 711.




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Growing in Christ

Reaching to Serve